Samhita Press currently accepts submissions. We review wide range of projects and manuscripts: prose and poetry, scholarly works, vegetarian/vegan cookbooks, photography, cultural and fine art projects, children’s books, lifestyle and interactive books, etc.

Make sure you familiarize yourself with the kinds of books we publish, our philosophy and values before submitting your proposal. To read more about Samhita Press and our mission, please go to ABOUT US section of this website.

Submission Guidelines:

  • Art, photography and children’s books proposals should be submitted by mail only. Please submit sample copies of illustrations/photographs, etc.
  • Large texts and manuscripts may be submitted as digital files via email.
  • Please send your complete submission via mail or email, whatever is more appropriate for your particular project. For example, if it is a children’s picture book, submit it by mail only, do not send pictures by mail and text by email, separately.
  • For cookbooks, please submit recipe and photo samples.
  • As we do not return submitted materials, please do not mail your original art or the one and only copy, or any materials of value.
  • Include brief biography and contact details (including your email address) with your submission, as well as basic project description.
  • Identify your audience in the project description. Who is the reader? What trends, ideas or problems are highlighted in your proposed book?
  • Please allow three months for the editors to review your proposal.
  • Samhita Press will respond only if interested in pursuing the project.


To submit your proposal by mail:


Samhita Press

att: Submission Editor

33803 Bartola Drive

Sterling Heights, Michigan

48312 USA


For email submissions:  with letter subject: submission