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Vraja-Lila Part Two

$ 14.99

Deena Bandhu das

Vraja-Lila Part Two 

Now available Vraja-Lila Part Two, with foreword by Indradyumna Swami. Deena Bandhu das continues his thrilling journey through Vraja Mandala. He takes the readers with him through different mystical places of Vraja where Lord Krishna performed numerous pastimes that are little known to mankind. He recounts lively narrations in this book, like the previous one which was well received by readers. It includes many rare color pictures, as well as, delightful illustrations. In this volume, the author also takes us to a side of Vraja not visited by the casual pilgrim. His style is such that the reader gets the experience of actually being there! With more than thirty years of residing in Vraja and guiding pilgrims on the spiritual journey of Vrindavan, the author has deep insights to the subject. Most narrations are backed by scriptures and many are known only by those who reside in Vrindavan.




language: English

size: 8.5 by 5.5 inches

pages: 248

format: paperback

publication: 2017