The Walking Monk

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Anna Milagrits

The Walking Monk

Who said that monks are old-fashioned, cheerless people who reside in secluded places? The Walking Monk is not like that! He lives in a big city, he loves dancing and singing and he enjoys healthy food.  He travels the globe on foot to spread his message of love and peace, making new friends on his way – people, birds and animals.

This book seeks to challenge stereotype and present fresh views on modern spirituality. It promotes inclusiveness and respect for other cultural traditions, things so needed in our multicultural world. We hope the book will be appreciated by children and their parents, and all who believe in the universal language of sound and music and the power of a kind heart.

This story is also a fun way to introduce a child to mantra meditation.


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language: English

size: 8.5 by 11 inches

pages: 32

format: hardcover

publication: October 2017

ISBN: 978-1-68443-001-7