Anna Milagrits was born in Ukraine in 1986. She studied art history, and later journalism, and was well-known in art circles as an art critic and essayist.

Milagrits moved to the U.S. in 2010 and worked as an art gallery curator in Miami, Florida. In 2015 she was married, and moved to settle in Michigan. At the present time, Anna dedicates herself to her husband and daughter, as well as her many literary and artistic projects.

Being interested in the spiritual heritage of India, Anna advocates for vegetarianism, an environmentally-friendly world view, and a simple, meaningful lifestyle.

Anna’s first children’s book in English was The Story of Gajendra, Elephant-King, based on renowned sacred scriptures of ancient India. Reflecting wisdom and a spirit of adventure, this story fosters the idea of never giving up, and that it is important to ask for help and support, even if you are strong and famous (published by Samhita Press, 2017).

Milagrits also wrote The Walking Monk, a picture book and rhymed story that presents an easy and fun way to introduce a child to mantra meditation. It is also a true story about a real monk who prefers to travel on foot, and has walked across many countries around the world (published by Samhita Press, 2017).

Anna Milagrits is currently working on a set of short stories. She also makes handmade collages as illustrations for some of her stories and poetry.



Antonina Hordovska is a professional book illustrator who studied book graphics, graphic design and art history. For over twenty years she has worked for publishing houses and magazines as an illustrator and graphic designer. She has several successful book projects in her artistic portfolio.

Antonina calls The Story of Gajendra, Elephant-King, narrated by Anna Milagrits and published by Samhita Press, the most favorite project of her career. It took her over a year to prepare the beautiful, detailed illustrations for the book.

Antonina enjoys family time spent with her husband, Dimitry, and their two children – son, Mark, and daughter, Kira. The artist also loves nature, gardening and flowers, and encourages her family and friends to spend more time outdoors. In her free time she practices hatha-yoga and reads books on spirituality.



Olena Yanko graduated from art school as an architect and has several successful architectural projects in her portfolio. After her son Roman was born, Olena began working from home and focused on interior design and illustration. Anna Milagrits’ The Walking Monk (published by Samhita Press in October 2017) was one of the first children’s books for Olena to illustrate. Although as a designer and architect, she mostly draws in computer programs, illustrations for this book were hand drawn on paper, in watercolor and pencil. Olena enjoyed working on The Walking Monk also as her family loves traveling on foot – hiking, camping or just taking short walks in the park.

Olena is often invited to give art classes at her city’s municipal children’s art studio.



Twin sisters Tetiana and Kateryna Ocheredko work and create art together. After graduating art school, they have been working as professional artists and book illustrators for over a decade. Winners of numerous grants and scholarships, they love studying, teaching and traveling the world. As of May 2017, they have taken part in 28 art shows and illustrated over a dozen of books for children and adults.

Their favorite projects? Oil-painted animations for the British-Polish movie Loving Vincent, dedicated to life and legacy of Vincent van Gogh, as well as monumental mosaic murals for the Savior Transfiguration Cathedral in Kiev, Ukraine. But the sisters’ favorite art technique is etching, and they love creating one-of-a-kind etched cards for their friends. Beside arts, they have passion for theater and opera.

Samhita Press collaborates with Tetiana and Kateryna on our book and stationery projects.



V. L. Murray is an editor, author, poet, composer, and teacher. She has spent much of her life playing with music, teaching, composing, arranging and performing.

Somewhere in the midst of all that sound, Lynne began to reach into alternative realms to explore the Medicine Wheel, Hatha, Kripalu, Astanga and Bhakti Yogas, the Vedas of ancient India, Buddhism, Christianity and Catholicism, nature religions, New Age thought, Meditation, spiritual growth, psychic awareness and healing, Herbal Medicine and other alternate healing modalities including Reiki. The results were years of leading classes, workshops, and now writing and editing books (both fiction and non-fiction) on those topics and more.

Lynne is a former member of the staff of MuseItUp Publishing, a Canadian ebook publisher, where she offered all her authors full promotional support as well as editing, both content and line. She is currently a freelance editor, the editor for The Walking Monk (aka Bhaktimarga Swami), and a regular editor with Samhita Press.

Lynne loves the sound of the spoken word and believes that form and punctuation are just other ways to make it sing.

She lives in Surrey, British Columbia, Canada with her husband, dog, and cat, and can be contacted through her website at or at .